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Protection of Species at Risk Under FRPA: Northern Goshawk

This special investigation will assess if the mechanisms available under FRPA and associated IWMS guidance are adequate for maintaining species at risk habitat.  Northern Goshawk will be used as a case study to evaluate both legal and voluntary measures to maintain suitable habitat for Northern Goshawk and their prey on the coast and in the […]

Provincial Systems Fail to Protect Threatened Species

VICTORIA – The Forest Practices Board has found that there is a systemic failure in government policy to protect threatened species such as marbled murrelets on crown forest lands. The findings were released as the close of a board investigation of a 1999 complaint concerning logging approvals in the Brand Valley on south-western Vancouver Island, […]

Plant Communities at Risk from Logging

VICTORIA – An investigation of a complaint about logging near Mt. Elphinstone Park has found that BC Timber Sales met all of its obligations in developing the cutblocks, but concludes that some at-risk plant communities are not adequately protected by current legislation or policy. The complaint was submitted by Elphinstone Logging Focus (ELF), an environmental […]

Managing At-Risk Plant Communities near Mount Elphinstone Park

Elphinstone Logging Focus, an environmental group on the Sunshine Coast, complained that cutblocks sold by BC Timber Sales would impact at-risk plant communities and affect the integrity of the ecosystem near Mt. Elphinstone Park. The Board investigated and determined that the mature forest stands in the cutblocks contained plant communities listed by the BC Conservation […]

Endangered Plants at Risk from Logging

No further logging approvals should be awarded in the coastal Douglas fir ecosystem on Southeast Vancouver Island until site assessments for endangered plants are completed, the Forest Practices Board recommended today.