Timber Harvesting, Road Construction, Deactivation and Maintenance, and Wildfire Protection

606546 B.C. Ltd – FL A19202 in the Chilliwack District

This audit examined the activities of 606546 B.C. Ltd. on forest licence A19202 in the Chilliwack Forest District. 606546 B.C. Ltd. purchased this forest licence in 2008, and it also holds other forest licences in the district. Dorman Timber Ltd. owns 606546 B.C. Ltd.

The audit results show that harvesting and wildfire protection activities were satisfactory, but the overall performance of 606546 B.C. Ltd. was not up to the standard required by legislation and expected by the public. The Board found three cases of significant non-compliance:

  1. Two bridges were installed without the required plans or drawings.
  2. Road construction equipment was moved across a bridge requiring repairs, despite the district manager’s direction not to use the bridge.
  3. Three sections of new road were not structurally sound or safe for use and were failing at the time of the audit.

Also See: Road and Bridge Practices – Board Audit Findings 2005 – 2011
(special report released concurrently)

February 1, 2013

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